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Accountants (U.K. Service) We offer a full recruitment service to find your organisation the best accountant to suit your needs.  Please mark e-mail Ref.: D. Peachell.

Abbeyfield Society Abbeyfield House, 53 Victoria Street, St Albans, Herts AL1 3UW

Ability  Well organised charity with good site promoting suitable equipment free to charities.

Action against Breast Cancer

Action against Depression

Action Aid  Helping the starving in the third world.

Action Cancer

Action for Blind People

Action for Dysphasic Adults

Action for ME

Action for Peoples in Conflict

Action on Addiction

Action Research

Action with Communities in Rural England - ACRE

Advocacy Partners

Action for Sick Children


African and Caribbean Elders

African Services Committee, Inc.


Age Concern England

Age Concern Norfolk

Age Concern West Glamorgan

Age Exchange

AIDS Community Alliance, Inc.

AIDS Medicine & Miracles, Inc.

AIDS Resource Foundation for Children

Aid to Russian Christians

Aids Service Agency of North Carolina, Inc.

Aids Resource Center of Wisconsin, Inc.

Aidis Trust


Albert Kennedy Trust

Albertina Kerr Centers

Alcohol Concern

Alcohol Counselling and Prevention

Allergy-Induced Autism

Alliance for Animals, Inc.

Aloha United Way, Inc.

African Services Committee, Inc. 

Amherst H Wilder Foundation

Alzheimer's Disease Society

Alzheimer Scotland

American Field Service Youth Development

Send Your Fund-Raising Ideas to: Charities Partnership

Anna Freud Centre

American Anti-Slavery Group, Inc.

Anti-Slavery International

Audubon Canyon Ranch, Inc.

Autism Society of America, Inc.

American Foundation, Inc.

American Friends of the Israel Free Loan Assn., Inc.

American Friends Service Committee

American Horticultural Society, Inc.

American Institute for Cancer Research

American Livestock Breeds Conservancy

Amnesty International

Animal Aid Society, Inc.

Animal Health Trust

Animals in Mind

Animal Picture Gifts

Animal Place

Anne Frank Educational Trust

Ann's Neurological Trust Society

Anthony Nolan Bone Marrow Trust

Anti-Slavery International

Arachnoiditis Trust

Arise and Walk Ministries of New Mexico

Arthritis Care

Arthritis Link

Arts Council of England


ASH: Action on Smoking and Health

Association for the Advancement of International Education

Association of American Indian Physicians, Inc.    

Association of Breastfeeding Mothers

Association of Chief Executives of National Voluntary Organisations - ACENVO

Association of Children's Hospices

Association for Couples in Marriage Enrichment

Associated Examining Board

Association for Spina Bifida/ Hydrocephalus

Association of Health

Assoc.of Health Authorities and Trusts

Association for International Cancer Research

Association for Jewish Youth

Association of Medical Research Charities

Association of Wheelchair Children 

Association of Youth with ME

Aston Charities Trust

Appalachian NE Tennessee Resource Conservation & Development Council

A-T Appeal


From: Evelyn, Downsview School Parent Teacher Association, Kent.

Our school are always looking for new ideas to raise money so I think your site is a great idea. I'll look forward to keeping an eye on the ideas from around the world. Could anybody tell me how a Prom works? I believe it's where the children dress up as posh grown ups! And does it make money? If it does not, could anybody tell us how it could be made to make money? Thanks, and good luck to everybody working hard at charities partnership.


Badges U.K. & International Charities Partnership Promo & Event Pin Badges.
Clayden Carpets. See Below. Carpets Flooring Playmats U.K. Tel. U.K. 01322

From: Ross Kittelty, 2nd Swanley Scouts

I raised loads of money for my trip to Chile. From the U.K. that's quite a trip and expense. One of the many things I did to raise the doe was, I had 1000 badges made for me. My Dad lent me the money. They were the round button badge type, with a pin on the back. They cost me about 20p each. I had the event logo on the front they looked excellent I asked people to sponsor me by buying a badge from me for 1 or any affordable donation. It was nice to see loads of people actually donated more. I then got my Dad to take some and do the same, and also my Mum, Brother, Aunts, Uncles and just about everybody that knows me. I had a fantastic trip it was really cool. I would like to thank my Mum and Dad and everybody that helped me.


From: Dave Quinn St Anselms School Association Dartford Kent. CVOP@AOL.COM                Co founder of

The foundations. Every builder Knows without the proper footings or foundations, the building they are about to build, would not last long. It may start with good intention and excitement but would soon subside, crack or worse still fall down. For it to be a successful long lasting building there are specific ways to build it that must be adhered to for it to be a rewarding venture and withstand the test of time. The same principles also apply to fundraising. Without a solid committee working together most fundraising would never get off the ground. All to often will you see the same old few familiar faces doing all the hard work for many associations, with to many people prepared to say they are on the committee without actually doing anything at all other than "pooh poohing" the idea and telling you it can't be done. These people I call "negs" in other words, negative people that you really do not need on your committee. If you are starting up a committee look for positive people. The sort of people that don't look at problems and say it cannot be done. Look for people that see no problems only hurdles. Remember hurdles can be jumped. If you find these sort of people try not to loose them, they are an indispensable core for success. I'm not suggesting for one minute that you try and recruit people that go around telling everybody there indispensable. They would probable be a waste of time. What I'm saying is the people that are not afraid to "have a go" and are prepared to ad there positive and enthusiastic input toped with a keen interest on learning about there new venture will be invaluable.

Now you have established a committee of people that are ready to "have a go" you must establish everybody's talents. Everybody that is keen to help will have a talent and it is essential that there part within the committee is a part that they like. If they like there job within the committee, then they are sure to put there heart and soul into it. Make sure that the job they have taken on within the committee is not to time consuming for them. Remember if you have an active team, in other words where everybody does there share, the amount of time involved for any one individual should not need to be excessive. However, everybody that has made a commitment to assist your cause should do everything within there power to fulfil there obligations. Anybody that shows any interest at all in helping your cause with there time even though they cannot say exactly how much time they can give or are perhaps scared to committee themselves, should still be noted because when the going gets tough they may be able to help even for a short while.

Other Features on our site include:  Gaining and maintaining positive live links  Build a Database.  Targets.  Multiply your successful ventures.  Rewards and praise.

From: Ray at Claydon Carpets. Flooring Contractors to Charities, Schools and Associations.

We have now been in business around 15 years in the U.K. Most of our work can be seen at schools, colleges, and sport centres. We also quote for part or full fittings. No job yet has been to large or small. We specialise in hardwaring cord carpet. It is also ideal in a charities office etc.and comes in a full range of colours and styles. Our estimates are free and very competitive. Should you mention charities partnership when you have a fitting from us, I will gladly give you completely free a playmat to cover a dusty or splintery area. References available upon request.


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Charities Partnership

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Charities Partnership

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Irish Dancing Displays

London Palladium Performers

Marie Martin SOID 01322 274459


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