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Send Your Fund-Raising Ideas to: Charities Partnership

From: Louise, New Addington, London.
Give and take.  Many businesses will gladly give and help good causes or fundraising ventures within the local community. Many more will notice which businesses are giving there support, and will enjoy being seen alongside the larger corporations. Let me explain! Let's imagine a small company donates a gift that you could auction or raffle etc. Then a large company donates a gift. Both companies gifts are now available for your endeavours and both company names are seen in the promotional posters or programs that are produced. The large company is pleased because they have been seen to be helping the local community, and the small company is delighted because they have also been seen as helping the local community but also you have given them priceless recognition within the local community. They have now been seen beside or on the same page as a megga size company.  As there business grows because of the extra attention they are receiving partly due to being included in your promotion, they will want to help again. Remember in most countries, gifts or donations to charities are often tax exempt, so it's a great way for them to promote at a minimal cost.


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From: Jack and Bridget, Manchester.

Rewards and praise. Raising funds for your organisation can be a hard thankless task. Don't let it be. Make it your job, whoever you are, within your Committee or team to thank and praise everybody for their work, effort and time they have given. They are probably not getting paid for the hours etc. that they give to there cause, so the only payment they do receive is gratitude. Have a Committee social evening or day together, perhaps even include the complete families. It will most probably be enjoyed by all and is a great way to bond your team together, get to know them better, and thank them for their continued support.

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