Cygnets Pre-school



Grove Hall, The Grove  and  Church Hall, Church Road.


Telephone: 0777 8866051 or 07957 995398

Session Times

Church Road

Mornings: Monday to Friday 9.00-11.30

Session Times


Mornings: Monday to Friday 9.00-11.30

Afternoons: Monday to Friday 12.30-3.00


Ofsted Inspected


We aim to provide a wide range of activities at the pre-school to encourage the children to learn through play.  Painting, drawing, colouring, glueing, printing and playdough are utilised to help creativity. The home corner, dolls, puppets, dressing up clothes allow the children to indulge in imaginative play. To help develop manipulative skills we have lacing and threading games, peg boards, puzzles and tap a shapes to name but a few.

We also encourage the children to look at and look after books, and we have a wide range of books displayed in the book corner for their use. In the summer we are able to take the children outside and they are able to experience sand and water play.  We also have beanbags, softballs and footballs to aid them with physical skills. i.e. catching, throwing etc.

We are aware of different cultures and beliefs and celebrate festivals such as Diwali and the Chinese New Year. However, we respect your request to withdraw your child from such activities should you wish.

Curriculum plans are displayed on the notice board in both halls for you to read.

Thank you for visiting our site. You may have many questions to ask us which we would be glad to answer. You are welcome to phone us directly or visit our group and we will show you round..

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