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Situated in the outskirts of London, England, we work closely with Schools, Pre-Schools, charities and voluntary organisations, clubs, churches, and associations, producing photographic presents and keepsakes. Our products are often sent all over the world. It's a FREE service, so if it doesn't take (cash) then we don't make. We do not leave you with a bill for our service. That way, we are as keen as you to make your venture with us a financially rewarding one, and earn a regular spot in your fund raising year, leaving  you with no hesitation to recommend us to others.

With help from us, your school etc. will be producing colourful and original gifts, novelties, and keep sakes that are not only cool to own, but also make serious money for your school or organisation. 100% profit (above expenses) for your organisation is our target.

Anyone, Anywhere can take part. Children, Pupils, Teenagers and Adults can gain hands on experience working with a Company that produces tens of thousands of items a year. It's great fun and very rewarding.

Ideal Christmas Presents, Mothers Day Presents, Easter Gifts, Fathers Day Gifts, Birthday Presents, Thanks Giving Presents, Anniversary Gifts etc. Don't worry we are there to assist you every step of the way via Email, phone or even snail mail. When dealing with schools, there is normally no need to involve secretaries. Parent associations or even the children can get involved with Key adult help strategically placed.

Our range of items vary from time to time. Here are a selection available most of the time. Contact us for current availability. BADGE, FREEZER MAGNET, KEY-RING, MAKE-UP MIRROR, BOTTLE OPENER, MIRROR KEY-RING, T-TOWEL, BASEBALL CAP, and CLOCK. 

Primarily there are two ways of supplying us with your pictures so we can make your items.

Option 1 You take(or a keen amateur photographer takes) individual photo's of all the interested party's. Show the photo's along with our display, samples and price list. When you have collected your order and money's, deduct your commission. Send the completed order form with your organisation's name, address, phone number, Email address, and any other details that may be helpful to us. Enclose with it a cheque for your order unless you have an agreement with us for using a credit card etc.

Option 2 You use a digital camera to view and take your pictures. You then show your digital scans to all interested parties. You can then download your pictures to us, or send your pictures on disk. Be sure to check for compatibility with our systems.The rest is as Option 1.

PLEASE NOTE: Charities Partnership give FREE COMPUTERS to schools that meet our set targets. Within two weeks of announcing this fact our first school has qualified and won a computer for their schools infant department. We are delighted as we feel this shows with a little effort our targets are easily reachable. Good luck to all our future participating schools.

Be sure to visit our competition page as your organisation could end up the lucky winner of a free computer as supplied from our computer/software section.


We also offer a "BADGE SERVICE" (button badges or pins) to assist promote: Special offers, Event awareness, Company or Corporate  identity, Marketing etc. They are also excellent as free samples for your special or regular customers.

Charities Partnership are always delighted to assist organisations in any way we can, however sometimes we are so busy helping charities etc. we often over look promoting our own site as much as we would like to. If you could help us by putting a link to our site from your organisation's site it would be greatly appreciated, and it would also enable us to further help others. If you would like to, e-mail us and let us know you have helped in this way as it would be nice to thank you.
Thank you for your time and interest, from the team at