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From: "Foley, Mary Lee" U.S.A. 

Our pack has sold sub sandwiches on superbowl Sunday for several years. We begin taking orders about 3-4 weeks before the game, with deadline 1 week before the game. The sale seems to work best if the delivery date is a day when you expect many people to be home and not inclined to spend much time preparing food. We have three varieties of subs: deluxe, ham and cheese, and freezer. All three sell for $2.00 with amounts of ingredients adjusted so that all are pretty equal in value. We ask each boy to sell 20 subs, but there are no hard feelings towards those who sell 2 or 3. Others make up the difference, so that the averages ranged from 23 to 27 subs per boy. Our profits have been $1025 and $1156.


SETI Institute
San Fernando Valley Child Guidance Clinic
Sex Information & Education Council of the US
Sisyphus Foundation
Soho Centre for Arts and Education, Inc.
St. Madeleine Sophie's Training Center
St. Vincent De Paul Village, Inc.
Sterne School
Sub-Board I, Inc.
Supreme Court Historical Society
Switzer Center
Santa Barbara Zoological Foundation
Sedgwick County Zoological Society, Inc.
Southwest Florida Wildlife & Rehabilitation Conservation Cr, Inc.
SET of Colorado, Inc.
Senior Citizen Services
Soho Center for Arts and Education, Inc.
South Florida Veterans Multi-Purpose Center, Inc.
Special Love, Inc.
St. Madeleine Sophie's Training Center
St. Vincent De Paul Village, Inc.
Standup for Kids - National Headquarters
Starr Commonwealth
Second Harvest
Senior Citizen Services
Seattle Youth Involvement Network
Southern Regional Council, Inc.
Survivor Connections, Inc.
Santa Fe Community Foundation
Senior Citizen Services
Sioux Falls Area Foundation-A Community Trust


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